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Community Involvement

Community involvement is critical to ensure that the needs of residents, businesses and other entities are met during the investigation and cleanup process. A Community Involvement Plan (CIP) is used to provide a framework to facilitate communication among community members and VA and its partner agencies and to encourage community involvement in site activities. VA uses the community involvement activities outlined in the CIP to ensure that residents are informed, continuously updated and provided ample opportunities to be involved.

Here are some community involvement practices VA is using:

  • Public meeting notices printed in the newspaper.
  • A copy of the Administrative Record at the Anderson-Foothill Library.
  • Public agency briefings.
  • Public informational meetings with Q & A opportunities, fact sheets and flyers.
  • Community Council briefings.
  • Written correspondence to property owners where investigations are conducted.
  • Two web sites:  this one by VA and the other by EPA.

How can I get involved?

Here are a few activities you can be involved in to keep informed and contribute to the project: