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Maps & Gallery

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  • USGS data collection and modeling.
  • Well data collection tools.
  • Air purifier placed by VA.
  • Summa canister sampler near a vent.
  • Summa canisters can be used to take a longer sample for verification purposes.
  • Near-slab soil gas sampling.
  • HAPSITE setup.
  • HAPSITE portable GCMS.
  • Soil gas sampling on property.
  • Water intrusion in a boiler room.
  • Sumps are common in the East Side Springs.
  • Sump and other floor penetrations.
  • French drain outfall.
  • Water diversion in a yard.
  • Spring collection sump in a yard.
  • Back yard seep.
  • Back yard stream.
  • Seeps in a alley.
  • Seeps beneath retention wall.
  • Groundwater seep at a curb.
  • Spring in a yard.
  • Stream at 1100 E. 800 S.

Maps / Figures

  • Aerial with street names.
  • Aerial with landmarks.
  • Project Sampling Activities, 2015-2017
  • Drilling technologies that may be used.
  • Vapor intrusion diagram.
  • Conceptual model cross section.
  • Conceptual block diagram.